Summit plan

I read that a group of ‘movers & shakers’ are planning a cannabis law reform summit in July 2017. There is speculation that the previous PM of Aotearoa/NZ could be a guest speaker. I see a few other groups will be represented:

1) chaired by a well-known TV news presenter

2) the NZ drug foundation

3) a spokesperson from Washington USA, where cannabis is regulated/legal

4) at least one member of parliament

I read these comments:

‘Arguments for cannabis law reform, and calls for politicians to stop “running scared”, are expected at a drug summit in Wellington to be chaired by broadcaster (name removed)’

‘The suffering people endured while waiting to get medicinal cannabis approved was one reason (name removed) said she was interested in drug law reform.’

‘Drug Foundation executive director (name removed) has long expressed frustration at the slow pace of drug law reform. In particular, he said the 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act was antiquated and unfit for purpose.’

‘There has also been a change in attitude in New Zealand, particularly on medicinal cannabis products, but parties and Parliament remain reluctant to do anything.’

‘(name removed) who drove efforts to legalise marijuana for recreational use in the state of Washington, will also address the two-day conference.’

‘(Drug foundation) hoped politicians would agree that drug law reforms were needed, and might realise they could make drug reform campaign promises instead of “running scared”.’

* All good to I&I 🙂

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