so.. what is ‘marihuana’ ?

I have often wondered what was actually being ‘taxed’ in the ‘Marihuana tax act 1937′ that later morphed/became the focus of the global WAR on DRUGS ?

It became synonymous with a ban on the ‘cannabis’ plant. BUT.. what is ‘marihuana’ (SIC with a ‘H’) ?
There are several words that are also connected to this issue: ‘Hemp’, ‘marijuana’ (SIC with a ‘j’) & of course ‘Cannabis sativa’ (its scientific/medical name).. BUT if they originally placed this prohibitive tax on, ‘MARIHUANA’ that later became part of the 1961 UN convention, then surely we need to clearly define what the subject of this act; really is.

The act actually defines it… but is it legally, an official Govt. Act, if they use a bastardised SLANG name, to represent a plant or herb or part thereof, which already had ‘official names’.. as stated above. The interesting thing being; the word existed in its ‘proper form’ but was changed to ‘Americanise it’ & add a load of; lies, fallacies & misinformation, about a plant that was widely grown & used, under its other names: Hemp & Cannabis.

I actually think, that ‘Marihuana’ or ‘Marijuana’ (original mexican slang spelling) was only intended to be used in the recreational context. BUT was later used to demonise the whole plant & all its uses.. even though the 1937 act & 1961 UN conventions clearly give exemptions & do not require ZERO-TOLERANCE.. but this is the current regime in Aotearoa/NZ (& decreasingly other parts of the world).

The thing that caught my eye recently, being a DEA document (federal USA Drug agency) that still used the word ‘Marihuana’ in its text, that was supposedly rejected as an acceptable noun in 1960s ?

I again thank ‘Hemp Jack RIP’ (the Hemperor) for getting me on this ‘quest for truth/knowledge’

The actual Tax Act almost exclusively uses this word: ‘MARIHUANA’ throughout the document/text, once they define it really means CANNABIS (in a demonised form & charged at $1/year – TAX).

I’ve even heard that during the brief congress debates, the main speakers to effectively ban Cannabis, used the ‘M-word’ only. It was only a doctor from AMA (Medical union) who asked the question ‘Are we talking about cannabis or some other drug ?’ BUT he was dismissed without a clear answer. The report even stated that the doctor’s union had ‘no issues’ with the act.

The reason; why I think that ‘Marijuana/Marihuana’ refers specifically/exclusively to recreational use being; that’s what the words of the song say “La Cucuracha.. Marijuana por fumar‘ (the usual method of ingestion for recreational use). Whereas most people don’t smoke industrial hemp or most medicinal useage, where it comes in many other forms (edibles, tablets, mouth sprays & the raw herb, if suitable). The whole issue around this word, was clearly to create a smoke-screen, whilst a few EVIL men rammed through effective ZERO-tolerance, behind the scenes !

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