why so annoyed ?

A few people have asked me, why I get so worked up about the ‘WAR on drugs’ & specifically; cannabis ?

so, here it is:

1) I was arrested in my youth, but it did nothing to stop me, it just harden my resolve to see the ‘End of the drug war in Aotearoa/New Zealand’

2) I see many other similar jurisdictions now regulating ‘other drugs’ whereas this Govt. just seems jammed in the ‘status quo ONLY’ gear

3) Even our nearest neighbour; Australia (been there) has decriminalised personal (R18) use in about half of their states (NZ does not have states) & are running intensive medicinal trials, using Australian grown cannabis, in at least 2-3

4) many countries have moved forward on all potential uses of cannabis, BUT Aotearoa/NZ only allows a couple of ‘BIG-Pharma’ medicinal products (not Govt. funded) that almost bankrupt the patient, after jumping through all the hoops, to get it legally. Cannabis is supposedly a ‘Class C drug’ but it is treated like ‘SUPER-A’ in NZ. They do not trust GP doctors or even specialist oncologists etc. to prescribe it (in any form) Its only available on a case-by-case through the ministry of health.. “HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS IS THAT.. people overseas” ?!
Oh yes & if you jump through lots of other hoops, you can grow ‘industrial Hemp‘ here.. BUT “HHUUUUSSSSHHHH !” the locals think “its weed man”

5) Kiwis are dying, of cancer etc. still labelled as ‘CRIMINALS’ for going to the cheaper option : the BLACK-market.

6) Most jobs that required ‘drug testing’, where those that involved driving or using dangerous heavy equipment etc. BUT now, it’s becoming almost mandatory in many NZ workplaces.. that’s Zero-tolerance. Many young kiwi workers are now being replaced (or struggling to get any employment) by ‘foreigners on work visas’ because many kiwis fail a drug test. These tests are notoriously flawed, in that they only detect the presence of the drug (could be, over a week, since use) not any evidence of intoxication.

7) Aotearoa/NZ used to be considered a world leader in some things; First votes for women, first european to climb Mt Everest, Worlds fastest Indian motorcycle, advances in science etc. BUT on this we are floundering amongst the countries that still take the DRACONIAN approach; purely punitive !

8) NZ figures in, all the negative stats. about use rates per capita (amongst the highest) in the world/UN reports & yet we push the prohibition, amongst the hardest. What does this say about; the Drug War failing in every sense ?
Creating a ‘forbidden fruit’ mentality that ‘all naughty kiwis’ just have to rush out & try it.. btw; most already have, illegally, so whats the big deal about a total lack of law reform.. like so many others ?

9) Many foreigners, likely come here, from countries like; Canada, USA, Australia, EU & Sth America, thinking we have similar attitudes.. well the ‘man on the street’ or in the park may do, but the NZ Police, customs, courts, prisons, politicians etc. certainly do NOT. “Zero-tolerance reigns baby !”

10) I feel that my country is becoming a ‘laughing stock’ in much of the OECD, because there really seems to be a genuine fear/misguided perception, that ‘End of the war on weed/drugs’ will be the end of the world as we know it ! Most likely the end of ‘Police-State-NZ’ !!!

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One Response to why so annoyed ?

  1. Don’t forget about the hypocrisy of some people who use these drugs and yet want to punish other people who do the same.

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