what was ‘unintended’ ?

I hear that at the height, of the 1950-60s, when the ‘war on cannabis/drugs’ was really raging, there was discussion about ‘Unintended Consequences’ that seem to result from this hysterical/draconian endevour to wipe out the cannabis/MARIHUANA/marijuana plant. These included:

1) a totally unregulated Black-market (sell to anyone with cash, inc. children).. run by Gangsters & Organised crime cartels/syndicates

2) an increase in violent crime, gang warfare.. particularly in areas with, high numbers of people in the ‘lower socio-economic’ communities

3) huge increase in Police budget & staffing numbers.. & prisons

4) police intimidation/stand-over tactics.. often thinking they are ‘above the law’

5) large amount of corruption amongst ‘officials’ in the prohibition industry

6) lots of misinformation in the news media, about the supposed negative effects.. in order to further ramp up the DRUG war

7) loss of employment & barriers to future employment & education

8) limits on international travel, if convicted on smallest possession charge

9) decrease in genuine medicinal research

10) a US-THEM societal psyche.. overblown with DISTRUST on all sides

11) bloggers constantly ranting about ‘how unjust it all is’ ! 😀

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