Cannabis Op ?

I saw a news item on TV current affairs.. a man was confronted by 6 ‘armed offenders squad’ (AOS) Police officers.. in his house, now he (maori male) faces up to 14 years jail, for returning fire ! The item made these points:

1) There was a report that a man shot at a Police cannabis growing operation, spotter plane
2) The AOS stormed the premises, allegedly because the man was involved in a cannabis growing operation.. he was therefore the major suspect
3) BUT; the cannabis was not on the man’s property.. it was in nearby land
4) 46 shots were reportedly fired by police (into walls & other parts on the property) during the 2 hour siege
5) there had been almost no attempt by Police to contact the people on the property, prior to the AOS arriving; ‘all guns blazing’
6) four officers were hit, but not killed by gunfire. The man said he felt lucky to walk out alive, after a Police (maori) liaison officer was called in, to ‘talk him down’
7) during the court case, the ‘offender’ stated the cannabis was not his or his whanau & that Police had entered his property ‘unlawfully’ without a search warrant. Interestingly one of the few ‘offences’ were Police can still invoke a warrantless search in NZ, is when drugs are involved & could be hidden or disposed of, during a raid.
8) the AOS prosecutor & all the police officers stated that the ‘offender’ was ‘armed & confrontational‘, when they arrived (as if they weren’t.. Police never make it up, folks)
9) after the man was arrested & charged with ‘firearms offences’ the original issue, that they first arrived to investigate; Cannabis growing Op. was dropped, with ‘not enough evidence to convict’ BUT the man now faces 14 years jail for ‘other offences’ that would likely not have come about, had the ‘Cannabis Operation’ not commenced, in the area !!

*It really seems that the training of Police in Aotearoa/NZ, seems to demand that once Police arrive, an ARREST of at least one person, MUST ensue ? Even if the Police have to ‘create the circumstances‘; esp. if Maori are involved.. ie ‘resisting arrest’ or ‘was armed & confrontational’ etc. ?? đŸ˜¦

After the story, they had a discussion with 2 ‘experts’: the head of ‘sensible sentencing trust’ & a previous Maori MP (has a PhD). The guy from sensible sentencing has stated that ‘maori need to own their offending’ & Police/courts/jails are just doing their jobs. With no recognition of the overwhelming stats. that show maori make up 15% of the general population & 50% of prison inmates. That a vast majority of Police are ‘non-maori’ & NZ Police, are gaining a ‘heavy-handed’ reputation in these circumstances. 10 years prior they raided the Ruatoki valley, with what many saw as a ‘Ninja style’ operation against ‘maori terrorist training camps’ (greatly over exaggerated, said to be really; ‘bush training/survival camps, with firearms training involved’) !

Again it just seems that the biggest ‘criminal activity’ in Aotearoa/NZ is: The WAR on Weed/drugs !!!

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