another hurdle put back

I usually try to keep current with issues.. BUT I had to mention this from about a month ago.. I heard some time ago that the current Govt. minister, gave notice, that he had discussed the issue of ‘dealing with medicinal cannabis/’marijuana’ users’ with the Police ‘top cop’ & he was given assurance that this would be given ‘due thought/consideration’ (but often ignored).. now I read that the minister is again deflecting all mention of any formal arrangement, as is happening in other OECD jurisdictions : ‘Users cards’ issued OR a register (online ?) to check. BUT “NOOO!!” sez the minister.. “we wont be going there !!”

I read this:
‘Associate Health Minister Dunne says he has changed his mind about a formal policy to protect terminally ill cannabis users from being bothered by police.’ So they can still be ‘BUSTED’ even if dying of cancer etc.

‘He said today he was satisfied with the Police Commissioner’s assurance to him that police took a compassionate approach in such cases, and greater precautions were not needed.’ ie ‘you scratch my back minister & I’ll scratch..’ (job protection)

and this…
‘In New South Wales, dying patients can voluntarily add their names to a register to ensure they and their family are not harassed by police.’

“Not only are the very illest people in New Zealand currently being punished, but their medicine is being taken away.” SHAME !!!!

** I just wonder how these ‘Cannabis-Nazis’ can look in the mirror, when I read that the ‘Jack-boots’ are still on, even against people with a terminal illness or a severe pain condition or other diagnosed (by GP) illness

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