BIGGEST hurdles

Looking at recent events, both globally & in Aotearoa/NZ, I’ve been thinking about, what the biggest hurdles to drug law reform are:

1) Police
2) Customs
3) Courts
4) Corrections
5) Politicians
6) Doctors & ‘experts’
7) Drug testing industry
8) ‘decontamination squads’ who clean up Govt./public houses
9) Members of the public, opposed to reforms

When the cannabis laws where implemented, it was supposedly about ‘reducing harm’ &/or protecting the society.. BUT looking at the clearer picture (40+ years on), it seems to be more about: Job Protection. There have been many allegations over the decades, that this may well have been the reason why, prohibition was pushed in the 1930s USA, when members of these industries also faced mass redundancy, after the end of Alcohol prohibition !

Maintaining the status quo, at all cost, even if it actually creates more harm than it prevents, is NOT a reasonable excuse to do so IMHO 😦
Maybe its time some of these people moved their focus, to actually protecting us (real Police work etc.), rather than demonising a plant, intimidating ‘DRUG offenders’& protecting their ‘prohibition industry‘. 😦

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