Happy J-Day

I just got back from the local J-day in the Octagon in Dunedin 🙂 It was great to sit out in the open & partake with like-minded ‘herbie folk’. Apparently they did get a visit from the local constabulary (as they were setting up) but no ‘incidents’ occurred.

There was only the ‘hard core’ activists & an assortment of ‘tokers & stoners’ (maybe 100 ?) BUT it was good to see they were also giving out education leaflets on all uses of cannabis: Medicinal, Industrial hemp & Recreational (R18) They also had political info. on the policies of each of the current parties.

They had several bales of hemp stems.. which made good ‘natural seating’. Another ‘attraction’ that many wanted to get their photo taken with; a potted male plant.. the lady on the info. stall said it was an educational tool, for those who may not have actually seen one. 😀

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