Med-use Doco

I just watched a rerun of an Australian doco. about medicinal cannabis. The following issues caught my attention:

1) a doctor was struck off the medical register for supplying cannabis oil, to his patients
2) a doctor in Israel stated that, there has been several decades of deliberate misinfo. about the harm of cannabis, that has stopped research into its genuine potential uses
3) a doctor said that most ‘western medicine schools’ really do not have a clue about cannabis
4) a mother of a child with severe epilepsy (now treated with cannabis oil) stated ‘we have all been hoodwinked into believing cannabis is an evil drug’ this has prevented its use
5) the blanket prohibition, has also prevented medicinal access to the drug
6) western medicine allows opiates (which are more harmful) but prevents cannabis drugs
7) the whole issue of recreational use has been used to ‘muddy the waters’ around its medicinal potential
8) the countries that have the most draconian attitudes are those that still prevent these uses.. inc. Aotearoa/NZ !

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