Drugs in sport

I hear that 3 high-profile, NZ sportsmen were busted for cocaine possession/use recently. They have reportedly been stood down from their positions, by the ‘sporting authority’ & maybe face prosecution before the courts ?

The report said these guys were ‘out on the booze’ & got involved with illegal DRUGS as well (as if Alcohol is NOT a drug ?).

Several commentators have condemned them & stated the ‘ZERO-tolerance’ option, as the solution !!

Usually when you hear about ‘Drugs in sport’ it means; steroids etc. NOT Cocaine or cannabis.. BUT the misinfo. about drugs, still see recreational drug use in the same sentence.

The reality being; young people do use drugs & ALCOHOL (the more harmful ?).. but because its LEGAL, its considered OK.

addendum; since the story was reported, I watched an interview with the NZ Minister of health. He was asked to comment on the fact that two of the men were so drunk, they said they could not remember using the cocaine. Also that the sport is hugely sponsored by Alcohol companies. He replied (paraphrased) ‘This is not about alcohol or the sponsorship, its about idiots using COCAINE !’. Again just proving the totally different attitude that many take to alcohol & ‘other drugs’ OR perhaps the minister had another reason ?
I still remember watching a reporter asking people on the street for their opinion on this.. many said similar things, some even denying that Alcohol is a drug !

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