Support from the Right

I read that the NZ ACT party (far-right) have also come out, in support of cannabis law reform. This now leaves just the National (centre-right) party, who lead the current Govt. as the only real block !

The report states:

‘ACT MP (name removed) showed he’s no one-hit wonder after announcing he would legalise cannabis “tomorrow”.’

‘The Project (a news chat show) host (name removed) tackled the burning issue and planted the seeds by asking (the ACT MP) if, given the growing popularity of cannabis in NZ, its legal status should be changed.’

“I think that time’s going to come. People are going to look at what’s happened in Canada and California and other places starting with ‘C’ and they’re basically going to say: ‘Look, it’s time to make that change’,” (the MP) replied, bluntly.

“Personally I’d do it tomorrow, but sometimes you gotta go with public opinion – try to get too far ahead and you’re dead.”

The main issue being, the ACT party are in coalition with this Govt. who have made it clear that further reform (beyond ‘big-pharma’ medicinal) is not on their agenda. This means that Aotearoa/NZ will definitely need a change of Govt. at the election in September (fingers crossed).

There is another ‘centre’ party (NZ-first) who have not given support to the issue, BUT have said they are willing to support a referendum on it.. agreeing to follow the outcome.

Again, I wonder what this current Govt. agenda really is ?
Status quo only.. WHY ?

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