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I read & hear these issues, recently:

1) the ‘gateway to hard drugs’ has become obvious in ‘heartland NZ’ with larger numbers of busts for Meth/P, in recent times. Many saying it (‘the gateway’) is nothing to do with cannabis, BUT; all about the more lucrative Meth/P trade ($1k/grm) being dominated by gangsters (maori/pacifika)/org. crime cartels (Asian ? most precursors come from China)

2) meanwhile all the NZ ‘tinnie houses’ are becoming ‘meth/P houses’. Again the ‘cannabis drought‘ is mentioned

3) I hear that a lawyer was ‘testing the waters’ around the legal issues of hard-edge negative media, toward political parties. He reportedly picked on the ALCP; Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party (not currently in parliament, but has been a party since 1990s). I am yet to see anything more..

4) It seems that many still see it as a ‘one issue’ party, BUT really there are ‘many issues’ wrapped up in it: Hemp, Med-use (inc. lack of research), personal (R18+) use. BUT especially: the possible environmental impact, if hemp was much more widely pushed; bio-deg. plastics, bio-friendly paper, bio-fuels, housing/hemp-crete & fibre board etc. etc.

**”ALL (not) KA PAI.” sez I&I 😀

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