no magic bullet

I read that the claims, that cannabis can cure everything from headaches to cancer.. are being rebutted, by many ‘experts’.. fair enough

The main issue being that prohibition, all but, put a stop to its genuine use.. much of the ‘old traditional’ preparations are either lost or are often seen now, as ‘snake oil-type’ treatments. When once about a third of medicines (prior to prohibition) contained extracts & tinctures of the herb.

BUT now it seems, that some people are looking to cure everything with it. This IS just misinformation.

An Australian Prof. (pain specialist) is questioning many of these claims;
“The question of evidence, I think, hangs in the air much like some smoke,” he told a meeting of Australian pain specialists in Brisbane on

Unlike Aotearoa/NZ; our ‘cousins across the ditch’ are now allowing more broad access to the drug; a few states have legalised it medicinal use, but want to see it evidence-based.

then this;
“We know that chronic pain is a much more complex phenomenon which requires a holistic approach to management that is tailored to the individual’s circumstances. To rely only on medicines is just not going to work,” Prof (name removed) said.

“The medicinal cannabis genie is out of the bottle. Things will never be quite the same. Should we not accept a level of uncertainty about evidence?” Dr (name removed) said

BUT.. it should not be just another excuse, to maintain the status quo either !

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