Alternatives – tobacco

It seems that more countries, are moving to get rid of tobacco.. BUT not by prohibition, as with ‘other drugs’. I saw a brief news item on Int’l news; Australia was the first to introduce ‘plain packaging’, Aotearoa/NZ & others are following this option. BUT plain packaging is not as it sounds, the packets have no fancy logos, only the product name in plain font & also pictures of ‘the effects’; rotting body parts etc. (supposedly from tobacco smokers). It is obvious that they know, that adding tobacco to the ‘misuse of drugs act’ (& similar laws overseas) will only cause a public outrage. I already hear that in NZ, these tactics also includes increased taxes. Of course ‘Big Tobacco’ are not happy & tried to push a legal challenge to such laws.

BUT: This has also seen a ‘black-market’ springing up.. but the ‘illegal tobacco’ is not being manufactured by the black-market profiteers, but stolen from legal suppliers (corner shops, petrol stations etc.) & onsold at similar prices (less tax ?)

I agree that every effort should be made to reduce the harm from this deadly/addictive drug, but beware of following the mistakes of prohibition (but not actually passing the law); creating an uncontrolled black-market, which is potentially more harmful, to society !

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