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I have been weighing up the stuff, I rant about & thought I’d re-clarify a few things:

1) I do not promote drug use.. but I do not support prohibition as the only control mechanism, in fact its a total failure & should be dumped ASAP

2) The illegal black-market is a direct consequence of the prohibition. Which just proves, that it does not work. Drug use supposedly has gone up, since zero-tolerance was implemented. Whilst the supposed reason(s) for prohibition may sound ‘nobel’ (stop harm).. it creates a society that is any thing but..

3) It costs about $100k/year to incarcerate a ‘drug offenders’.. but they do almost nothing to educate people, to keep them out of the prison system

4) The society pours $billions into the drug war & yet the supply & use is still at record highs. What is the ‘DRUG WAR’ really about ?

5) It supports a ‘Prohibition Industry’ (Police, courts, prisons, customs etc.) that effectively relies on a continuation of the status quo, at any cost (to keep them all employed), even if it does put many others, out of work, for having a criminal conviction; for the smallest minor ‘drug offence’

5) Prohibition creates a division in societies; Druggies, liars (I didn’t inhale), & a broad range of prohibitionists: Prohibition job, religious or other moral objection.. then the biggest group; the apathetic

6) It also prevents genuine research into any positive potential for these substances, they so zealously try to wipe out (WAR ON DRUGS)

BUT worst of all; it actually creates harm, not prevents it.

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