more harmful !?

I read that there has been a surge in ‘synthetic cannabis’ use in Aotearoa/NZ in recent times.. this come on top of the doubling of meth/P arrests/seizures. BUT still prohibition/zero-tolerance reigns

‘A Tauranga social service agency is warning we could become the land of the dark, toxic cloud – as synthetic cannabis use rises.’
‘(name removed/spokesperson) from Te Tuinga Social Services said they’re seeing more people for synthetic cannabis than marijuana.’
‘(spokesperson) said the substances are becoming increasingly more poisonous and dangerous.
“The latest brand is called ‘black flag’, which is just fly spray soaked into mixed herbs and sold as synthetics.”

It seems that the profit is purely the driving force, in the black-market. The question being ‘Is the supply of cannabis really; a drought & are some people really this desperate ?’

The interesting thing being, I’ve heard some say they ‘prefer’ the synthetics, because the workplace drug tests don’t show it up (because its not THC, fool).. but do they really want to poison themselves by ingesting these chemicals, in order to get a ‘high’ supposedly similar to cannabis ? “NO” sez I&I.. it’s not on my agenda. I tried a ‘commercial’ brand, (when it was legal, for a while) & I will not do so again.. I am not that desperate !!

Its interesting that the minister has stepped back from his comments, that ‘synthetic cannabis’ would likely PASS the test of ‘low risk’ but NOT the natural herb ! Believe it or not !! which is ‘less harmful’ then.. minister ?

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