USA change of direction ?

I heard a radio news item this morning.. the new USA President, is reportedly singing the praises of the Philippines, ramped up DRUG WAR ? They said that he has invited the Philippines president to the white house to discuss the ‘merits’ of their zero-tolerance drug war approach, that has apparently seen 1000s of ‘drug users’ being gunned down, by Govt. authorised thugs & militia. Is this the direction he wants to return USA back to ?

Does this confirm the comments from the USA VP, that USA federal laws should take precedent over the recent state law changes (spec. Cannabis reforms) It sounds like this is the case ?

I can only say again, to those reading this in USA… beware the reemergence of the staunch prohibitionists.. BUT also ask WHY are they taking/returning to, this failed approach.. that supports: Gangsters, black-markets & over crowded courts/prisons !

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