end of ‘the story’ ?

I see in the news, that convicted, Australian ‘Drug smuggler’ (or mule), Ms Schapelle Leigh Corby, is due to be deported from Indonesia this evening, after 13 years incarcerated/on parole. Ms. Corby was arrested & sentenced in Bali in 2004 for ‘importation of 4.2KG of cannabis’ (‘smuggled in her luggage’). There are still doubts around the whole case, that saw her sentenced to 20 years jail. She was released after 9 years (good behaviour etc.) & has been on parole (in Bali) since.
There were several stories about the case (even a docudrama or two); that claimed that her luggage was used by other persons, to move the drugs within Australia, but the bag of cannabis was not retrieved from her ‘boogie board’ bag, prior to it being put on the flight to Bali. The other issue, was that all the ‘evidence’ against her, was circumstantial; the drugs were in her bag, therefore ‘she is guilty’. There were serious questions about the reported, lack of fingerprints taken, to confirm the drugs were put in her bag, by Ms Corby.

The news report showed a cameraman being showered by water, after setting up a camera outside her house. Apparently 200 Indonesian security staff will ‘accompany’ her to the airport.. to see her ‘safely’ out of the country & back to Australia.

I can only say, ‘Good Luck Schapelle, in whatever you do’. I hear she is requesting, she be allowed to return to Bali, to live out her life ?

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