ex-veg grower

I just watched part of a travel show, with Scottish comedian Billy Connelly.. he was visiting ‘farmer Tom’ an ex-veg grower, turned organic cannabis grower in USA. He had a nice facility with several strains, in full bloom

Billy admitted he had not smoked the herb, for years.. as he had gotten paranoid, in recent times. Farmer Tom, showed him a large ‘sativa’ & said often the ‘pure sativa’ can contain the ingredients that make some people anxious & even paranoid. He said other strains are now available, that would be more preferable; Indica

He stated that in one year, there was >$200million raised in Colorado & Washington in taxes. He said it is the biggest growing business in USA. He also said that any news of the Republicans wanting to stop this is really nonsense. “wait ’til they realise how much they could earn in taxes” (paraphrased)

Maybe its time the whole world started taking this view too, put it into; education, health care & other social issues. Hemp can save the world 😀

btw; when Billy asked ‘which age group bought/used the most ‘medicinal herb’ from him’, Farmer Tom said 50-80 years. Many who once were opposed, now realise it good for relieving all their aches & pains.

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