more action needed

I watched a TV panel discussion show on Maori TV (Indig. NZ) today.. they had a spokesperson from a group called ‘Action station’, who really said it, like it is:

1) the tide of media ‘over-reporting’ of global issues, tends to overwhelm many on local issues

2) there was a time, when many kiwis did ‘get out on the streets’ regularly & protest against issues, considered unacceptable to the society

3) increasingly apathy & lack of interest is rising & being overtaken by personal issues (housing, unemployment etc.), rather than broader societal concerns. Mr Spock once said “The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the one” (but his words are being forgotten today)

4) many issues that are dealt with in this way, tend to be ‘less complicated ones’ that can more easily get protesters into ‘action’; dirty rivers etc.

5) she stated that an issue(s) that is very complicated in Aotearoa/NZ, that does need ACTION, is drug reform & the high incarceration rate, esp. amongst maori

Very well said.. “tautoko to korero, ahau 100%” (I agree with you talk/comments). It does seem that constant bombardment (in the media) does tend to trivialise many issues & create an increasing apathy. This also tends to push it down the political agenda somewhat.. if seen as ‘just too hard !’ 😦

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