spot the odd one out

I read a report from a radio station, who interviewed spokespeople from the two main political parties in Aotearoa/NZ.. on possible cannabis reform;

‘Finance Minister (name removed) says the war on drugs is one of the biggest social problems New Zealand faces.’
‘Despite that, he says the (right-wing) Government still won’t budge on cannabis.’

‘(Labour party spokesperson) said the Government needs to keep an open mind.’
“I certainly think there is a case to decriminalise cannabis. Criminalisation hasn’t stopped people using those drugs,” she said.

In addition, the other parties currently in the parliament have indicated:

The Green party, released an updated policy that will support legalisation of cannabis use & a regulated supply

The NZ-1st party, reportedly support a public referendum, on the issue. They said they will honour the outcome, if they are in Govt.

The Maori party, say they are willing to have an open/honest debate on the issue, including options for reform

The United Future party leader, (drug policy minister) has recently said he will consider, a similar path to Portugal, who have ‘decrim’d’ all drugs

The ACT party leader, recently said ‘he would legalise it tomorrow’ (if possible) to have a regulated, taxable market

*The other interesting issues being; a few of the current Govt. MPs are ex-cops & one is an ex-tobacco company employee/lobbyist. They support private prisons & have recently announced plans; to build more of them.. Go Figure 😦

In addition there are a few small parties (inc. ‘Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party’), not currently in parliament.. who have all reportedly, indicated varying support for the issue

SO; “Spot the ODD one out”.. any kiwis who support this issue & want reform, need to think about this. If you vote for the current ‘ruling party’ then all you will get is ‘more of the same’ (status quo only)

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