Cracks appearing & dividing

I read that the President of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party (aka; ‘the Cannabis party’) has ‘waka jumped’ (jumped ship) to the newly formed ‘The Opportunities party’ (TOP).. claiming the ALCP has been ‘eclipsed’ by other parties who are increasingly taking up the issue. He even went so far to say that the Cannabis party ‘has no future’ & has written an open letter to ALCP members, urging them to join him (in TOP).

I read these comments; “The Cannabis Party – no one’s really taken it that seriously recently, but it had to exist because none of the other parties were prepared to speak up about the cannabis issue, and it’s a very important issue in New Zealand.”

“The only people who have a real policy that is workable and that are willing to campaign on it aggressively is The Opportunities Party, and they have eclipsed the Cannabis Party,” (he) said.

“All the other parties were worried about their political appearances, but especially the Greens, who have historically taken up that issue.”

The TOP party have this policy: ‘The Opportunities Party’s cannabis policy would see a taxable retail trade established and would allow each person to grow two plants for personal use. Unlicensed cultivation and dealing would still be a crime.’

(He) said it is “exactly the policy [he] would have written if [he] had the resources of an economic policy think-tank like (the party leader) does.”

Whilst the ALCP have been called a ‘stalwart’ of cannabis reform, they have never (in 20 year existence) received more than 2% of the ‘party vote’.. a party requires 5% of the total, to get ‘list seats’ in the NZ Parliament. It seems that the party has the label of ‘one issue party’ which has seen them not being taken seriously, with many voters, who support the issue & who have tended toward The Green party, in previous elections.
The NZ General Election is on 23/9/17 & the word is that Cannabis reform could become a major issue, in the run up ? Watch this space..

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