movers & shakers

I recently commented to a lady in the movement, that there needs to be a good increase in wahine/women members, to even up the numbers & succeed in politics. BUT looking at the news media, it has been female activists, whom have grabbed most, of the headlines:

1) Ms Helen Kelly (RIP).. ex-union boss who ‘came out’, whilst under treatment for cancer, about her medicinal (HIGHLY ILLEGAL) use of cannabis oil, to relieve her pain & suffering. Unfortunately she passed before law change ! “Rest Helen”, the work goes on….

2) Ms Rose Renton.. mother/activist, who fought to have permission to have CBD administered to her dying son, Alex (severe Epileptic disorder). The minister finally relented, just prior to his passing.. ‘too little, too late’. Ms Renton admitted later, that she had illegally acquired an over-the-counter CBD (from USA) & had administered it to her son, but alas too late also. There is was no guarantee that Alex would have survived anyway.. BUT if the bastards in Wellington has stopped running from the issue (in fear of their political future) & let the treatment commence, at the start of his illness then who knows.. only Jah

3) Rebecca Reider.. medicinal activist; fought an ‘arrest for importing medicinal cannabis products, without license’ charged by customs/police(infused chocolates) from USA. Then used the ‘loophole’ in section 8 of the MODA 1975 (current law) to get paperwork approval, to bring in one months, prescribed medicine (as in the act). Rebecca is a USA-kiwi. She went to Hawaii & returned to NZ with 4oz of ‘med-herb’ & other products (legally acquired). When arriving at NZ customs she freely declared her ‘medicines’ & after a brief check with police etc. was allowed to enter NZ & bring her medicine in, with her. Unfortunately the ‘loophole’ was slammed tight, when the minister declared that USA federal laws only, apply to the NZ current law on this issue, NOT state laws.

4) Sue Grey.. lawyer who worked with Rebecca on her case. Also has taken on the cause herself.. to fight for law reform in Aotearoa/NZ

5) Cheryl Shumann (USA entrepreneur) who runs ‘Hollywood Cannabis club’

6) Whoopi Goldberg (Afro-USA Actor) who writes for a pro-reform publication & has admitted; personal use, in the media

7) Miley Cyrus (USA singer) lights up a spliff on National TV program (award show ?)

8) Whaea Maki (Dep. Leader; NZ ALCP) political candidate/activist

9) Mrs Turei (Co-Ldr Greens) politician.. activist, has left no doubt of her pro-stance on the cannabis issue

10) Ms J Genter (MP) just had her medicinal cannabis reform bill pulled from Parliamentary ballot… “YAHOO !!” sez I&I

11) many more.. Movers & Shakers around ‘te motu/whenua & te ao’ (this land & the world).. fighting the war, warriors all

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