Open letter of support

This is my open letter of support for reform, to the current minister (resp. Drug policy):

Associate Minister of Health
(NZ Drug policy)
NZ Coalition Govt.

kia ora Minister,

I am writing to request/suggest, you change your stance on the Green Party’s recently drawn ‘medicinal cannabis & other matters’ bill (amendments to current MODA 1975). I hear that you have stated that the bill is ‘unworkable’ & borders on full legalisation/or decrim. of cannabis. (I don’t agree)
That you will likely not vote to support its passage in the current form. BUT that is what the next stage (select committee) is all about; getting improvement/acceptable change to legislation.

The reason I ask minister, I am a middle-aged kiwi male, who has a number of injuries (sports etc.) that are now causing ongoing pain.. that are relieved by my illicit cannabis use. I also know many other folks, in the same waka/boat. We don’t get the same result with aspirin etc.
I have discussed this with a couple of GP doctors, who both replied ‘we can only discuss this’, not record on file or offer a prescription or other similar recommendation; ‘Its illegal in Aotearoa/NZ & the medical profession are bound by the law’. Also, most GP doctors are schooled in ‘western medicine’ which does not usually include formal cannabis education’ (paraphrased)

Aotearoa/NZ was once, often seen as a ‘world leader’ or a ‘small country, that punched above its weight’ BUT on this issue, we are so far behind most OECD countries.. it’s just not funny ! We are closer in policy to many military-style Asian/draconian regimes, that also seem to promote ‘Zero-tolerance’.. not a good look sez i

Whilst I accept that this issue is not ‘cut & dry’ it is not impossible to move forward on. Hiding in the shadows is so; 20th century. Its 2017, time to ‘get with the program’ & catch up to: Canada, USA, EU, Israel, Aust. etc.

Regardless of all the misinformation, minister; cannabis is not ‘the devils harvest’ or the cause of ‘reefer madness’ or even the ‘plant with its roots in hell’. It’s a medicinal/therapeutic rongoa & a ‘gift from God’ & it was man who demonised it. so please.. “Stop It NOW”

A Kiwi in Aotearoa/NZ

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