Paper from Hemp

Addendum to my last; Hemp post

Paper; currently.. most paper, in the world; is made from pulped wood-chips. According to my research, this is more labour & chemical intensive than a similar product that can be made from hemp. The mains point being:
1) it needs strong chemicals to break down the ‘fibre-glue’ (lignin) & make it into state more easily turned into pulp
2) it requires high levels of bleach, to turn the ‘raw product’ (wood pulp) into the white paper we are familiar with.
3) I read that a bi-product is the lethal chemical ‘dioxin’
4) vast resources are being poured into status quo in the paper industry

The best thing about paper from woodchips being.. its still biodegradable.. unlike plastics from fossil fuel oil

Plastic; most supermarkets, give out (or sell) plastic shopping bags (made from Oil) This is seen almost as ‘synthetic paper’, but the plastic takes decades, or centuries to breakdown in the environment. There are ‘micro-plastics’ being found in the food chain. The oceans are increasingly being covered in it. BUT the ‘consumer society’ most live in, has an almost insatiable hunger. IF the industrialists, took a deep breath, they may realise, we can have plastic, but lets make it from hemp & other biodegradable materials.

Vast resources are being poured into status quo of the fossil fuel oil industry… 😦

watch this space.. Fuel, textiles etc. to come..

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