the other issue

Most people who are concerned about drug issues.. esp. cannabis prohibition, tend to look at medicinal & recreational uses.. but there is another issue; HEMP. I had heard of ‘hemp’ or Indian hemp, but it was not until I bought Mr Herer’s book, that I became aware of the probable reasons for cannabis prohibition.

Many of the products we see in the modern world are made from heavily polluting ‘petro-chemicals’, either based on or used in their production:

1) paper; currently made from wood-chips.. which requires large amounts of chemicals to break-down the fibre & bleach the colour

2) plastic; made from fossil fuel oil. Non-biodegradable

3) fuel; most of the petroleum that fuels vehicles, aeroplanes etc. are derived from fossil fuels

4) textiles; cotton requires high levels of chemical fertilisers & pesticides

5) building materials; much is derived from decades old trees; planks & fibre boards etc.
Also ‘hemp-crete’ is making a comeback

6) ropes; currently made from nylon & other synthetic fibres

7) food; seeds of many kinds are made into flour & edible oils. Hemp contains high omega fatty acids

The drug war saw the ‘marihuana tax act 1937’ effectively outlaw all uses of the plant, that could also be made into more enviro-friendly products that could compete with the items above. Mr Herer once said “Hemp can save the world” TRUE.. but we likely would not have got here, had a few greedy industrialists, not conspired to get rid of a plant.. or at least try to. Hemp is now ‘relegalised’ in many countries, but it needs to be grown in massive quantities, if it is to regain a foothold.

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