Fuel from Hemp

addendum to previous hemp post;

FUEL: Mr Herer & others, claim that the main reason, why cannabis/hemp was banned in 20th century; was to get it out of the ‘raw materials’ supply chain. One of the main competitors, being the petro-chemical industry.. many modern products are made from ‘fossil fuel CRUDE oil’. I read that there are a small number of ‘bio-fuel’ industries that now use a similar process to petroleum production, to turn hemp (& other plant materials) into such fuels. Using the process of ‘pyrolysis’ you heat it in a sealed container, with the air expelled. It creates ‘bio-gas’ & ‘methanol’ (once condensed). The bi-product being charcoal, which can be also used, for heating etc.

The difference with ‘fossil fuel’ fuels.. being the carbon was from the ‘ancient earth’ & when burned, adds massively to the atmospheric total. When hemp is grown (several months) it sucks up atmospheric Carbon (CO2) & then only releases it when turned into bio-fuel & burned. It is much closer to ‘carbon-neutral’

There is a cleaner more enviro-friendly alternative, but the ‘fossil fuel’ industry pour zillions into the status quo

Plastic.. cars; In the 1940s, Henry Ford (the car maker) also experimented with plastic car bodies & engine parts. I saw a piece of footage, of his car, that when hit with a sledge-hammer.. just bounced off, leaving hardly a mark. He also apparently experimented with bio-fuels, to run his cars on. BUT the effective prohibition of hemp (marihuana tax act 1937) in USA & later the globe, saw his ideas go in the ‘too hard’ basket.
In recent times, I saw an engineer who built a ‘little red sports car’ from a similar plastic products. We can have plastic too.. biodegradable

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