Hemp houses

Just continuing my rant about Hemp; I saw a couple of TV docos.. where they built houses from ‘Hemp-Crete’ & hemp-fibre boards. The largest city in Aotearoa/NZ has (depending on who you believe) ‘a housing crisis‘.. can’t build them fast enough & the prices are constantly jumping. If they opened their minds, they could literally ‘grow the houses’:

1) Hempcrete; this product has been reportedly. known for over a 1000 years ? A company in France, makes; ‘Isochanvre’ for house external linings, by mixing the ‘herds’ with a cement-binder & water. The product ‘petrifies’ then cures into a fire-proof concrete-like material. It weighs a fraction of the same quantity of actual concrete & is ‘breathable’.. meaning it allows air to flow through & avoids dampness.

2) Fibre-boards; many houses are internally lines with ‘fibre-boards’ made from wood-chips, with a glue to bind it & then pressed into a board. Wood/trees takes decades to grow.. hemp takes months. Therefore you can produce alot more of a similar product, in a fraction of the time.

Of course the frames of houses will still require either wood or steel.. but most of the external & internal lining can be grown in months..not years.

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