Rope & hemp

This is the most contentious issue, to my mind.. how could a plant, with almost no THC (the active compound) grown exclusively for its fibre content.. then twisted into rope, be BANNED under the ‘Marihuana tax act 1937′ (‘marihuana/m-j’ was supposedly a reference to the recreational use only) ? It makes NO SENSE to me.. it proves that ‘ZERO-tolerance’ was their legal Sledgehammer, used to stamp out cannabis/hemp in totality. They are saying that because some strains contain the active compounds, you cannot have any of them for any uses. This confirms to me, that it was NOT the ‘mariJuana/mariHuana’ they wanted to get rid of, it was the industrial hemp. They just used the ‘anti-narcotic‘ message/fear-mongering/prohibition laws to achieve it.

I read/hear that during the original legislative debates (almost record, for their short duration) those speaking for Hemp & Medicinal cannabis, were just yelled down by prohibitionists, using the M-word almost exclusively, regardless of whether the debate was about any specific uses OR all. I also hear that there were even threats of arrest, to those who only wished/attempted to grow the plant industrially or medicinal/therapeutically only. “How low, can you go.. Anslinger !”

As mentioned during WW2 there was a temporary reprieve of zero-tolerance & vast fields were planted to grow HEMP for VICTORY (the war effort). BUT I also saw footage of 1946-7 when USA military boots, went back to the Drug War, even using flamethrowers & aerial-spray pesticides !

But I come back to my kotahi whakaaro (first thought) ‘why was rope outlawed as ‘marijuana’ ?’
**that’s just NONSENSE & total Misinformation that was swallowed en-mass by a gullible, ignorant population (1940s-60s).. then the hippies came & JFK sacked Anslinger (1st USA drug czar).. but we still don’t have ‘vast hemp-fields’ growing again, to save the world.. yet :/ 🙂

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