marihuana ?

Just the spelling, should be enough.. to know that something dodgy is going on here.. it looks ‘totally fake’ !

so I thought I’d investigate & expand on it;
The original word, that it was derived from, is the Mexican slang word: ‘Marijuana’ (with a J not a H) mentioned in a song. BUT in order for some devious folks to introduce it, to the common speech & jam it in the public psyche, they ‘Americanised it’ by changing the ‘Latin J’ with a ‘more acceptable, American H’ so it actually sounded more, like the latin pronunciation, just to confuse further.
Next they deliberately confused the recreational drug use (much despised, in ‘middle America’) thanks to the introduction of this ‘foreign word’ & all the negative misinfo. attached to it… with all its other uses; industrial, medicinal, therapeutic, spiritual etc. This made many ‘common folk’ think it was a ‘Loco-weed’ or some such ‘Evil DRUG’, not realising it was in fact; the widely used Cannabis (aka Hemp). It wasn’t until the 1940s that many realised that Hemp rope etc. was ‘no longer available’ thanks to the new laws. BUT new, shiny plastic things were everywhere.
The newspaper stories, further whipped up, the frenzy of ‘Reefer Madness’ (on both sides). Common headlines read ‘BEWARE, the plant with its ROOTS IN HELL’ & this crap; ‘BLOOD-LUST & REEFER MADNESS attributed to homicidal, MARIHUANA-SMOKING YOUTH !’ & the opening lines to the docudrama ‘Tell your Children… about all the depravity & insanity supposedly CAUSED by smoking the KILLER WEED !’ (paraphrasing)
“It makes bible-believing decent youth, start taping their feet to that demon JAZZ music” is an example of the trash they sprayed in the media.
It was even stated, that ‘Marihuana smoking is perpetrated by : Negroes, Mexican & ENTERTAINERS (Jazz musicians ?). Dont let your daughters near them. They showed pictures of nude girls ‘frolicking wildly’ on a beech, whilst apparently ‘HIGH on MARIHUANA’.

We in this country, have the worst of it.. decades on & we still have ZERO-TOLERANCE in this whenua, to ‘marijuana’ or was it once marihuana (sorry not sure, anymore)

SO this is what set the tone for the mess, we still have in Aotearoa/NZ today.. whilst many Americans can just go to ‘the Green-mile in Denver’ & happily score..
Thx guys for your WAR on DRUGS, that you are mostly over, but we still suffer under daily !
btw; its called Cannabis Sativa/Indica not fucking ‘Marihuana’ or Marijuana ! Get it right….. 😦

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