Masters of deception

I still remember first receiving the ‘#1 best selling Hemp book of all time !’ (ordered from a bookstore in Sydney).. Mr Herer’s book; reading his tale of ‘the Masters of Deception’ (my title); Anslinger, Mellon, Hearst, DuPont etc. Much of this ‘history’ had been either deliberately or incidentally covered up ?

1) Anslinger; the first USA/global Drug Czar.. almost single-handedly, leads the ‘demonisation of cannabis ‘ crusade (steered the UN convention 1961, toward global prohibition of ‘Marihuana’ the only word he ever used for the plant). He ‘cut his teeth’ during the gangster-led black-market decade of the ‘Roaring 20s’. (USA alcohol prohibition). He was totally aware of the ‘unintended consequences’ that are seen today as the ‘downside of prohibition’; Gangsters, Organised Crime, totally unregulated Black-market, huge amounts of high-level & low-level corruption, a vast ‘prohibition industry’ (police, customs, courts, prisons etc.) In 1933, the ‘USA Bolstead prohibition act’ (1919-33) was repealed & alcohol became ‘relegalised’. The reports say, about a third of all Police faced, redundancy.. due the massive decrease in overall CRIME (unintended consequences). So he started feeding sensational news stories (Gore file) to popular newspaper chains (Hearst etc.) They knew this sensationalist ‘fake news’ did actually sell newspapers. eg “Read all about it.. REEFER MADNESS & BLOOD LUST from MARIJUANA smoking youth !”

2) Mellon; the Uncle-in-Law of Anslinger (who married his niece). His ‘Industrial Bank’ funded many of the industries, that saw Hemp as a ‘competitor’ (Petro-chemicals). He was also the USA Treasury Secretary (Govt.) & oversaw the creation of the FDA (Fed. Drug Admin.), that later morphed into DEA (DRUG ENFORCEMENT Agency; USA/global drug control nazis) He also reportedly had financial links to the Wood-chip paper (petro-chemical using) industry.

3) Hearst; his family newspaper company/chain, made massive profits from putting ‘sensational news items’ about the KILLER WEED etc. on the front pages of his ‘scandal sheets’ (aka ‘Yellow press’). He also had funds tied up in woodchips, to supply his newspaper-print.

4) DuPont; one of/maybe the largest Petro-chemical industries, in the world.. who I’m sure, were happy to see ‘a major competitor’ (hemp) BANNED, under the ‘marihuana tax act 1937′)

5) fossil fuel industry; (Standard Oil, Shell etc.) also benefited massively from the ‘tax act’ of 1937.. that effectively saw the march toward ‘War on drugs’

BUT if you ask many folk today; ‘who was Harry Anslinger ?’ most would likely say ‘Harry who ??’ Yet his ‘legacy’ is still likely impacting on most people (who have bought herb, from a black-market ‘tinnie house’ 50 years on) & it’s still an illegal/schedule #1 ‘NARCOTIC’.. thanks to Harry who

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