dreams of ordinary men

When I think of the things I’d like to see on the drug reform issues front.. I keep hearing the old Kiwi song by Dragon.. ‘the Dreams of ordinary men’.. amen

It seems that when many hear talk of this nature, its dominated by the extreme views; ‘1000s of stoned hippies lying about, smoking pot all day’ BUT if truth be known, we already have that, it just has no actual regulation, other than PROHIBITION.. so here’s a few ideas;

1) licensed adults only; cannabis clubs/members & open-door social facilities (like coffeeshops) with small retail sales (5 grams)

2) Police spend their resources, ensuring it IS kept away from youth (R18), only arrest dealers & refer youth to education/treatment/training

3) roadside driving testing for recent use, not a test that shows a positive result, for use in the last month or so

4) mandatory drug testing in workplace only, for those in heavy dangerous industry or professional driving. Other drug testing should only be carried out where ‘on the job’ use is likely provable.

5) a focus on Drug Education from (intermediate school/Junior High) with other messages about health, fitness etc. & avoid drug use until adult age. ie no more PROHIBITION only B-S.. real facts/figures

6) end of all the misinformation that divides our society

7) END of the prohibitionist WAR on DRUGS in Aotearoa/NZ & the world.. before 2020

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