frontline chatter

I heard this; from the frontlines.. many ‘experts’ now agree that cannabis reforms will happen, as per the saying ‘but it wont happen overnight’.. a local TV chat show, had the following remarks (paraphrased):

1) we don’t really want to see it (in NZ) a regime like in California, where there are shopfront doctors, who will prescribe ‘the herb’ for a one-off fee. Then you can go to one of many dispensaries & ‘fill your prescription’ (inc. smokeable herb) for general aches & pains. A lady said in some places, ‘you can smell it everywhere, even out on the streets’

2) they are watching progress in Canada, as another viable alternative to the regime in USA states (BUT not federal). Thinking it may be different.. they are about to pass ‘recreational law changes’. They legalised med-use in 2001 (well over a decade ahead of NZ)

3) whilst Aotearoa/NZ is sitting at the back-of-the-pack, on reform.. we are considered to be a ‘western/oecd‘ nation & the changes occurring in: Canada, USA, Australia, much of EU & even UK.. has to influence/impact on us. We can’t continue indefinitely with PROHIBITION/ZERO-tolerance (to the raw herb, cultivation & supply).. but; our current right-wing Govt., are trying… Interestingly the ‘far right’ take the libertarian view & think drugs should be legal & strictly regulated.. stick to the rules folks (but not prohibition)

**just my extra thoughts; I visited Amsterdam in early 2000s & saw their ‘infamous coffeeshops’ (first hand). I heard that when the Netherlands ‘regulated’ cannabis in late 70s, there was a sudden spike in use, that if truth be known, lasted at least a decade, but in recent times, the coffeeshops are reportedly, mostly frequented by foreign tourists, not dutch folk.. who really are ‘over it all’ & life went on.. the sky did NOT fall.. yet. The main issue here is that the MPs are still feeding subtle, echoes of fear-mongering ‘reefer-madness’ style; DISinfo. (deliberate Misinfo. for a particular agenda; status quo only)

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