proznconz of status quo

It seems that NZers will have a ‘choice’ on 23/9/17.. that many are seeing as ‘coke v pepsi’ (2 biggest political parties).. but according to media, it will be ‘status quo’ (on drug laws) Vs ‘potential alternatives’. So I thought I’d write my thoughts, on the ProZnConZ of status quo only:


1) ‘it’s the DEVIL we all know’; society is already caught up (totally) in the; black-market, gangster ridden society & totally unregulated/corrupt regime called ‘Zero-tolerance’ (or prohibition)

2) it keeps the entire ‘Prohibition Industry‘ (Police, customs, courts, prisons, lawyers, judges) all in ‘gainful employment’, at $multi-billion cost/year.. surely that’s a ‘GOOD thing’ ?

3) it puts MPs/Govts. up on the ‘moral high-ground’.. ‘We are waging WAR against these EVIL, insidious DRUGS, a scourge on all our society !” (or so they would have us believe)

4) “the prohibition laws are achieving their stated objectives” (& much more B-S as well) that tends to favour spreading nonsense as a statement of fact.. or a twisted reality, to bolster their agenda items

5) it keeps us ‘under control’ & we say it’s the best way to ‘please think of the children’.. whilst also banning adults use


1) it’s a total con-job, full of lies, half-truth & misinformation.. creating distrust amongst peoples; us v them

2) the known ‘unintended consequences’ have created more societal harm, than the alternatives.. ‘with black-market/gangsters etc.’

3) instead of decreasing overall use, most stats. show ‘record high use’ but also arrest/prosecute at similar levels. Prohibition creates a ‘forbidden fruit mystique’ that only attracts ‘naughty, defiant youth’ to say ‘scuse me while i light my splif’

4) it prevents a broader medicinal access, for those who WOULD benefit, from its therapeutic/medicinal properties.. inc. CBDs

5) it prevents research, into genuine non-recreational uses; med/hemp etc.

6) it often puts up barriers, to people who need ‘drug help/treatment’ for the real problems/issues (that do effect some, but not all)

7) it keeps a massive lid, on more access; to HEMP products

8) it puts up barriers to young folks (who experiment with herb) for employment & overseas travel

9) It actually costs the society $HEAPS, this should be diverted to Education & treatment, not prohibition

10) It creates a total ‘POLICE-state’ that is not good for real law & order; when a beat-cop can pull over a car full of young folk & arrest some/all for possession of the smallest quantity of ‘illegal DRUGS’ OR they attend a break/enter robbery & arrest the robbed people, because they ‘smell weed & a small quantity was discovered at the scene’.. did anyone ever get arrested for the actual Robbery of the house ? (85% of all B/E robberies in NZ, go unresolved)

11) prohibition was declared a failure in 1933 (alcohol USA) & the definition of INSANITY is actually ‘repeating something & expecting a different outcome !’ ie its fucking crazy man

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