other healthier views

I watched a TV lecture by a nutritionist, talking about ‘ingesting healthy things, gives a healthier body’. (I tend to agree, she was a ‘total picture of health’)
She listed : Sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco & Drugs; in the list of ‘bad things’. She stated that many overdo all these items & it is a detriment to a healthy lifestyle. The one item, I listened to specifically, was her comments of drugs;
She stated that Alzheimer’s is increasingly appearing in people in their 30s-40s now. It seems that many are abusing drugs; ‘marijuana’, heroin, specifically mentioned. She said that there are reports of people using ‘m-j’ just 1-2 times & developing mental problems. Maybe ‘pre-disposed’ to a mental illness ?

Then she clarified the main concern; the people most often affected, are those who start using these drugs in their early teens 12-13 years & go on, to regular use, throughout their teens & onward. This is shown to affect the brain’s development, in this crucial stage (adolescence). So whilst I did think this lecturer, was leaning a bit in the prohibition direction.. I could not fault her reasoning for avoiding drug use (esp. youth), if it is causing harm or mental illness. On this I can only agree with Barbara.. keep drugs out of the hands of young people (R18+) especially !

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