Report UNODC

I saw a brief news item.. the UN Office of Drugs & Crime, have released their annual report.. the report said, that about 255million people worldwide ‘use illegal drugs’ & only 1 in 6 get access to treatment !

I thought it was some arbitrary figure plucked out by ‘officials’ but not a real estimate. There are about 6-7billion in the world, at least half are ‘adults’. Estimates are that at least 25% of adults use illicit drugs on a fairly regular basis (at least monthly). Which according to my calculation is closer to 750million ?!

The one thing that was good to hear; the spokesperson stated (paraphrase) “we need to move the focus/resources away from LAW ENFORCEMENT to education & healthcare” Tautoko ahau (I agree).. but he stopped short of saying ‘time to decrim./regulate’

BUT; there did also seem to be an undercurrent of ‘compulsory/ordered treatment’ for all ‘regular users’ esp. Opioid addiction (not a bad idea, if/for ‘problem use’)

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