Conflict of Evidence

I just watched a brief news item, about the issues of ‘stoned driving’ in USA; they said that in several states, (Colorado, Washington etc.) where recreational use is now legal.. the number of motor vehicle accident, insurance claims has jumped significantly ?

They had a spokesperson, who said that in order to better control it, they need to be able to set better limits on consumption level & driving. He compared it with alcohol, were 1-2 beers is OK, but 3 is often too many. They do not have an equivalent with cannabis. It more about the actual driving ‘impairment’ & co-ordination ability, than a hard & fast test.

The interesting comment from ‘highway patrol’ cops, who report; that accident numbers appear to have quite markedly dropped, since cannabis was regulated. Perhaps less alcohol drivers, now on the road ?
One cop did accept, it was likely due to the testing facility (lack of), but also conceded, that ‘stoned drivers’ apparently tend to concentrate more & drive less erratically, than drink-drivers ?

Of course, it does not mean much here, in Aotearoa/NZ where cannabis zero-tolerance, still dominates our very existence !

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