all quiet on the frontlines

I’ve been keeping an eye on recent drug policy & other issues in Aotearoa/NZ.. but it seems to have gone quiet (on the frontlines). The only thing I seem to hear about is: ‘Meth/P’ (P is short for pure methamphetamine)

1) MPs debating whether ‘Meth/P’ importation is up or down ? Most seem to think it is all-time high, but the Govt. (power brokers) are often alleging the opposite. Recent reports say that due to new trade deals with China, NZ customs have lowered their search levels (only a small number of incoming containers, now being searched)

2) the leader of a party (not in parliament) is reportedly calling for the ‘death penalty’ for major Meth/P & precursors importation.. mostly from China

3) all the Govt. bluff & bluster, about ‘state houses’ (for low wage families) being ‘contaminated’ with Meth/P is now being seen in a more clear/rational light; probably just had the drug used (left small residue) on the property & NOT ‘dens of Meth cooks’ as was often suggested (overblown political hysteria) by the minister

4) the Green party had their ‘Medicinal cannabis amendment bill’ pulled from the parliamentary ballot, for introduction to the house (sometime in the future)

*methinks with the NZ general election on 23/9/17.. Drug policy would be ‘on the agenda’ BUT maybe many MPs are hoping ‘if we are quiet, it will just go away’ & they wont have to actually discuss the issues, prior to the campaign ?

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