Join the dots..

I wrote something along these lines before, but with the recent issues around possible drug reforms in Aotearoa/NZ, I thought I’d ‘rehash’;

1) The NZ MODA 1975 (Misuse of Drugs Act) has been often stated as; past its useby date & no longer fit for purpose.. but many in the Govt. seem unwilling to do anything about it. There is a Drug Symposium, in NZ parliament this week.. the Prime Minister has stated (paraphrased) ‘This current Govt. will NOT be allowing any substantive change to the current law’.. WHY ?

2) There has been a massive increase in the level of use, of ‘Meth/P’ in recent times; most being imported (in the form of precursors or ready-made). It is widely known that, much of it is coming from China. Meanwhile there is a ‘cannabis drought’

3) Many ‘tinny houses’ (selling cannabis ‘tinnies’) are now becoming ‘Meth houses’. Cannabis sells for about $15-20/gram on the black-market, Meth is $1000/gram

4) Several years ago, the current Govt. passed legislation to allow a large International Casino, to be built in Auckland (biggest city). There are many ‘rumors’ that it is not really a casino, so much as a ‘Chinese Laundry’. Stories of chinese people sitting in the casino all day, gambling huge piles of cash.. very few questions being asked, about the source

5) In recent times the Auckland housing market, has boomed & average house prices have passed $1million (amongst the most expensive cities in the world now !). When questions are asked about why this Govt. are allowing overseas speculators (most are Chinese) to buy up these properties, the Govt. play the ‘race card’ & say the opposition (raising the issues) are racists. BUT in most countries this is not allowed; foreign/non-residents investors buying property.

6) With recent massive trade deals between NZ & China, in the Dairy industry.. this has seen visa restrictions & customs searches lowered to the point, were they are almost walking in totally unhindered.

7) The Govt. talk up the ‘Law & Order’ rhetoric, around ‘illegal drugs’ but have effectively, pulled all the levers.. to allow this huge increase in Meth, that is now flooding into this country. Meanwhile bucking the trend (refusing to act), in many other OECD countries, that are now legally regulating Cannabis.

8) I remember seeing a TV interview with a Dutch Police chief, who said (paraphrased) ‘You have to be very wary of politicians & Govt. officials, making a BIG DEAL of the drug issue’ claiming that ‘many likely had their fingers in it’.

I remember reading about the Opium Wars in the 19th century, when Britain sent warships to China to ensure ‘access to the Drug market, was kept open’ This resulted in Hong Kong becoming a British trading port (until 1997, when it was handed back to China). I just wonder whether China is now getting their own back in countries like Aotearoa/NZ.. with the Meth/P trade (alongside this Govt.) now booming !!

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