Cannabis party.. comes of age

I read that the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) has; finally come of age (turned 21). They formed in 1996 & have been at the forefront of pushing cannabis law reform in this country. Unfortunately as a ‘one-issue party’ they have not been taken seriously, in the mainstream of NZ politics & have so far, failed to get into parliament (requires either winning a ‘electorate seat’ or getting 5%+ of the ‘party vote’ to get list seats).
I read that they are the only party though; that have contested every general election & by-election during this period (under the current MMP political system).

I see that they are again gearing up to contest, the upcoming General election on 23/9/17.

The other issue being; that an increasing number of other larger parties, are now taking up the Cannabis reform issue (besides the Green party, who have also promoted the issue, but have said it was not a main priority, in recent years) & this could see ALCP remain at the fringe.

Maybe the party ‘coming of age’.. could finally see the whole issue come of age too; achieve the long-awaited reforms, that the vast majority of kiwis say, is “well past due !”

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