medical views

I saw a ‘youth current affairs, chat panel’ TV show, the topic was the over-prescription of Opioids ? They mentioned:

1) USA is definitely leading the charge, with doctors giving out prescriptions for ‘Oxycontin’, for the relief of ‘general aches & pains’ (sore backs & arthritic joints) were once; opiates were only for ‘Severe pain’

2) a new super-strength opioid has now ‘hit the market’ : Fentanyl, which I hear is closer to ‘Elephant tranquilizer’ than Morphine

3) in the last 2-3 years Aotearoa/NZ is starting to catch up, with opioid prescriptions reportedly at 215% of previous years

4) a Doctor/drug specialist was the guest interview & stated that they are trying, to curtail this.. concern amongst GPs/med specialists, that patients are asking their doctors for these opioids, by name (& getting them).. overdoses are also rising sharply

5) were once these people maybe have used paracetamol/aspirin, OR have moved up/resorted to buying ‘street heroin’ they are now becoming ‘big-pharma junkies’

6) one guy on the panel asked’ “what about medical marijuana.. I’m just asking for a Friend ?” (everyone laughed); but the Doctor said ‘its not actually a bad idea, less addictive & almost no other side-effects‘.. BUT: it’s mostly still ILLEGAL in NZ !!!

* Why is the Govt. treating a Class C drug (Cannabis) almost as if, it is more harmful than a Class A (Opiate) just because one comes in the form of a ‘little white pill’ & the other a herb to smoke/vape ? “CRAZY MAN”

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