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I watched a media discussion program on Al-Jazeera TV recently, the topic was; Youth Suicide. New Zealand is at the top of a recent report. It was stated that this is due to the ‘societal attitude’ to this matter of mental illness; ‘She’ll be right mate’ & ‘bottle it up/don’t discuss it’ & ‘the tough kiwi bloke’ etc. etc. BUT also a ‘lonely man’ syndrome, was mentioned

There is another issue, that we are either at, or near the top of the world stats. for too; Cannabis/other drug use (esp. amongst young people)
I read that some believe these two issues are likely related, BUT I do not think our high drug use is the ‘Cause’ of this high suicide rate (as some have suggested) but more likely a ‘self medication’ for those who are depressed or mentally ill ?!

If Aotearoa/NZ really wants to address the issue of Cannabis prohibition (the reluctance by Govt. to reform the law) then they also need to stand up & get their ‘heads out of the sand’ on this other major issue, rather than ignore it & hope it goes away.. as has obviously been happening for too long

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