into BAT

I heard a radio current affairs program about; Big Tobacco in USA, under the ‘new administration’.. here in Aotearoa/NZ there is a ‘grey market’ forming after tax hikes to try & ‘reduce consumption’. This includes moves to plain packaging & warnings/harm pics on packets. BUT apparently the new admin. in Washington are not going anywhere near this.

They did highlight that there are some alleged ‘connections’ between Big Tobacco & wait for it.. the VPOTUS. I hear he is also talking up moves, to reduce ‘state sanctioned’ cannabis laws (which NZ does not have)

They mentioned that the Tobacco lobby are definitely being heard by this guy & others in the ‘inner circle of POWER’

Whilst it maybe true that these ‘measures’ to reduce smoking in much of the west, are taking effect.. the overall global use level has hardly moved; with markets in ‘third world’ countries in Africa & Asia.. being targeted more.

They did mention that Tobacco IS the biggest ‘KILLER DRUG’ whilst cannabis is still outlawed as a ‘schedule #1 NARCOTIC’, but no doubt it harms far fewer people, than legal tobacco.

btw; I also hear that instead of using Hemp to turn into bio-fuel (most efficient use) they are looking at Tobacco as an alternative (more polluting ?) just to maintain ‘market share’ (or TOTAL DOMINANCE)

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