what might change

I listen to attitudes & am surprised to hear, some seem to think, that cannabis law reform would effectively ‘legitimise drug prohibition’ (black-market) BUT in reality it would change quite a bit; Aotearoa/NZ seems almost afraid to openly discuss it.. in public forums. Debate is being controlled at the parliament level only. BUT, I would like to see:

1) stop arresting adults who use cannabis/’marijuana’ within the official regulations; R18+, dont supply to minors etc.

2) people with drug use problems, can report it for treatment, without fear of arrest or prosecution, unless other laws are broken

3) there would be regulation similar to alcohol; licensed cultivation & sales/tax, perhaps a small amount of home-grow, only use in private away from youth <18 OR at social clubs or smoking cafes/bars. Establish clubs, smoking/vaping facilities & create employment

4) medicinal use would be as 'prescribed by GP' not 'big-pharma' only (as now exists).. any or all as required

5) the real public distrust of 'druggies' would subside & this would likely be the biggest benefit; to the society

6) remove mandatory 'drug testing' in workplace, only for jobs that require use of heavy equipment or vehicles OR for staff who appear 'out of it' at work on a regular basis

7) stop arresting people, for small quantities seized at customs, maybe; add to pharmaceutical supply-chain for terminal ill patients

8) reduce the cost of 'drug policing' & move to other priorities.. Dept. of Health

9) reduce the prison population (by about 15% ?)

10) many other ideas……………………

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