more synthetic nonsense

I hear that several people have been recently admitted to hospital A&E depts., some even dying, after using ‘Synthetic cannabis’. The ongoing issues arising:

1) when ‘synthetics’ first came to the ‘market’.. with names like ‘KRONIC’.. it was broadly known that they contained cannabinoid-like compounds; eg ‘JWH’

2) after a public outcry, the law that allowed these ‘drugs’ to be legally regulated, was overturned & these compounds were made illegal

3) the ‘psychoactive substance act’ was supposedly about allowing ‘low-risk’ drugs to be sold in licensed shops, BUT they specifically excluded all drugs listed under the current ‘misuse of drugs act 1975’ (MODA 75) which included ‘natural herb, Cannabis’

4) In recent times, the minister (resp. Drug policy) has said that maybe the best option would be to add ‘class C drugs’ like cannabis/ecstacy to this legislation, BUT to date, this has not occurred

5) since Synthetics were outlawed, as expected; they are now in the hands of the black-market. Any one who now uses them, is playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with the active ingredients.. which like ‘street heroin’, could be almost any ‘white powder; OR in this case any ‘mixed herb’ with some chemical sprayed on it. I hear there is ‘brand’ called ‘Black-flag’ which according to the media, is FLYSPRAY.. not any known cannabinoid-like compound

** They wonder why people would ‘go so low’ to use this CRAP ? well I hear these reasons;

6) often easier & cheaper to get than ‘natural cannabis’

7) Does not show up in work-place drug tests (no THC in it)

** It’s totally CRAZY that; people use something in-lieu of cannabis, that does NOT actually contain THC (or an actual synthetic equivalent). It’s even CRAZIER that the Govt. would refuse to allow the herb, which would negate any reason to use these ‘Synthetics’ (OR is that their underlying agenda ?)

The Govt. can push all the B-S they like, about the failed ‘WAR on DRUGS’ but the reality is; people are getting very sick or even dying, because their policy was about their refusal to regulate actual CANNABIS & push nonsense instead !

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