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I was commenting on another blog about, 8-9 recent deaths in Aotearoa/NZ, attributed to ‘Synthetic Cannabis’ which if truth be known, contain no THC/CBDs.. but some people seem to choose over the natural herb. I wrote that it was squarely at the feet, of this right-wing Govt. who refuse to decrim. or regulate the natural herb, but 2013 passed the ‘Psychoactive substance act’ which did legalise these ‘synthetics’ until a public outcry saw them again made illegal. BUT; ‘the genie was out of the bottle’. In recent times, there are louder calls to allow law reform for the natural herb, in order to try, to put a stop to use of these synthetics & reduce the associated harm.

One person on this blog wrote (paraphrased) ‘stop making such a big deal about this.. it’s a non-issue, that most kiwis do not care about’ (even though it’s in the news most days) He/she then went on about the ALCP (‘one issue’ party) & their lack of traction to get into parliament.. ignoring the fact that, whilst they maybe the party who make most noise, are not the only political party in NZ who are calling for reforms; Greens, TOP, Labour, ACT & one other, said a referendum was more appropriate.

I asked WHY it was, that the current Govt. are apparently promoting, the use of the MORE harmful alternative & why did they allege it is ‘low risk’ & less harmful. It was not until the SON of the minister who introduced the bill, was outed as an employee, of one company marketing these synthetics.. that the ‘penny dropped’. Of course the minister tried to distance himself from this fact.

I think the reason why NZ is sliding to ‘the back of the pack’ on this issue.. because the majority of folks who vote for the right, possibly don’t use the herb OR don’t see it as a main priority.. BUT is this a reason to block it for the others who do prefer to do so ? “NO” sez I

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