Govt. to continue WAR

I see in the news, that regardless of changes occurring in other OECD countries, the incumbent Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ is staunchly maintaining the WAR on Drugs; spec. Meth/P. A report that was due to be released (shelved ?), reportedly showed that use levels are at all time high & prices are dropping. Surely this should be the signal to look at alternative options.. but obviously “NO !” say our Govt.

I find it fascinating that we have, statistically amongst:

1) the highest use rates of cannabis per capita (UN reports), but many say there is ‘Weed drought‘ ?
2) increasing levels of Meth/P importation & use
3) increasing levels of ‘synthetics’ & other ‘legal highs’
4) a black-market, supposedly dominated by ‘Gangs’, but rumors that ‘Triads’ are really ‘in charge’ ?
5) reduction in border security, to ‘facilitate increased trade with China’ etc.
6) huge amounts of Meth/P & precursors flooding across the borders

Yet this right-wing Govt. are adamant that the WAR on Drugs/Status quo is their prefered option. Again i wonder, is there something we are NOT being told here ?

It again, leaves me wondering.. who is really running the ‘illegal Drug trade’ in Aotearoa/NZ ? ‘business as usual’ !

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