Synthetics are not Cannabis

There has been quite a bit of talk in the media about the harm of ‘Synthetic cannabis’ in Aotearoa/NZ.. BUT the truth is; these ‘Drugs’ are not cannabis. I read these words, on a TVNZ website:

‘Forget cannabis’ – Doctor says horror synthetic drug has little relation to natural substance.’

Followed by this:

‘Dr. (name removed) says the effects of the synthetics substance can be up to 80 times higher on the body than cannabis sativa’

‘(The doctor) told TV1’s Breakfast (talk show); explains what it is & why it’s so deadly

‘He says it shouldn’t really be called cannabis as it is a mix of ‘chemicals sprayed onto a common garden weed that is sold as synthetic cannabis’

“These are highly lethal chemicals & we have no antidote for synthetic cannabis”

‘The high that people get from smoking the synthetic drug triggers the same sensory parts of the brain, but its a lot stronger

*It seems that the media are blowing the whole issue out of proportion, to sensationalise their stories & attract the public. BUT if truth be known they are actually ‘muddying the waters’ around efforts, to reform the current laws that prohibit the natural herb CANNABIS !
I am calling on the NZ & world media to ‘CUT THE CRAP’ these synthetics are NOT cannabis; they contain no THC/CBDs, even though some do mimic the effects.

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