more from frontlines

I heard a few recent items from the ‘Frontlines of the Drug WAR’:

1) in 2012 it was reported that NZ Police/customs seized about 30KGs of Meth/P; in 2016 it has jumped massively to over 900KGs according to TV news

2) in recent times there has been a lot of talk about ‘Synthetic cannabis’. The reports are that there is a ‘natural cannabis’ drought in Aotearoa/NZ, due to the fact it takes several months to grow. The ‘Gangs’ are apparently resorting to the easier option of mixing up chemicals (that mimic THC) & spraying it on ‘mixed herbs’ or garden weeds & selling it. I saw on the TV news that Police recently seized 3KGs at one address & charged a couple of people; one with supply & the other with possession.

3) in USA there has been a huge boom recently in pharmaceutical opioids, (NZ is apparently catching up) that are being sold as an alternative to ‘street Heroin’. I saw a report that there has been a large increase in overdoses, due to the recent addition of ‘Fentanyl’ to this trade (it is a super strength opioid). They talked about the use of another drug, that is used widely to reverse the effect & revive overdose patients. They interviewed a Police chief, who is reportedly against the use of this Drug. He stated it puts his officers in harm’s way. He even went so far as to say (paraphrase)’people who overdose should get a 3 strike use rule.. if they are treated more than twice, then they should be left to die !’. I almost could not believe my ears.

* these issues are a direct result of the prohibition/WAR on Drugs, that could be dealt with better by diverting the funds into regulation, EDUCATION & treatment/Rehab. rather than the current regime of arrest & prosecute !

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