CBD reform

I just saw a brief news flash.. the Assoc. Minister of Health (resp. Drug Policy) in Aotearoa/NZ; is about to pass an amendment to the law, to allow GP Doctors to prescribe CBD drugs, without any higher level of approval !

Up until now ALL cannabis drugs/extracts have required a three level approval; GP doctor to recommend, a specialist to give the nod & then finally, the minister or his departmental officials to give the final rubber stamp. This was brought to light a couple of years ago, when a young man with severe epilepsy was approved a CBD drug (that is available in USA states, without a prescription) Elixinol. BUT it was too little to late & he passed away.

I am not placing the blame specifically, at the Minister’s door, BUT he does seem to have been just, looking for any/all excuses to prevent a broader use of cannabis & extracts in NZ. The media still often refer to these drugs/compounds as ‘Medical Marijuana’ even though they are NOT the raw herb OR used for recreational use (Marijuana).. again deliberate misinformation abounds 😦

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